Daily Mail Feature – 5 Boys – Then after 16 years, a girl arrived

Congrats to one of our mums, Lysa Martin, who took part in a fabulous and humorous feature for The Mail Online

Her family consisted of 5 boys and she was desperate to have a girl. Then, after 16 years, it happened!

  • Lysa Martin, one of our mums, dreamed of a girl after having five boys
  • Told partner Mark she wouldn’t stop having babies til she had a girl
  • Says the desire for a daughter took over her life, as she followed old wive’s tales
  • Finally had a daughter,  Riyah, who is now three, and says she ‘rules the roost’ 
Read the Mail article below

Lysa tried all sorts of remedies to have a girl

‘I discovered an acidic diet makes you more likely to have a daughter, so I started eating citrus fruits like oranges and had to ditch my favourites, like salty crisps and spicy foods. I bought a pack of PH strips online and started testing my urine to see if my diet was acidic enough. When I found out it wasn’t, I stocked up on more of the right foods and stopped eating the wrong ones. I also started taking magnesium supplements which are meant to help, and I had to plan when to have sex too. I told my partner that we couldn’t have sex when I was ovulating. I’d read that if we did, we would probably end up having another boy. Instead, I restricted sex to only four to five days before ovulation. If my partner wanted it after that and it was too close to my ovulation day, I told him sex was off the cards.

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