Pandemic Births: Featured in Sun

Mums, Chloe and Hannah spill the beans!

Two of our mums, Hannah and Chloe, are featured in this fantastic article in The Sun Newspaper about the problems they faced giving birth during the pandemic. Click here to read the article.

Hannah’s Experience

I gave birth to my 4th child on the 27/03/2020, via planned c section at north Middlesex hospital. As soon as I arrived upstairs on the ward my partner left. I was not fed during my time their due to their words “sorry we forgot you was here” or “sorry we ran out of food” I was getting water from a toilet sink as well. I begged for help with changing my son I was refused and told sorry we can’t help you or baby. I was chucked blood pressure cuffs and told to put it on and removed my own cannula as they didn’t want to touch me just incase. I was left soiled in my own mess for hours begging for help to clean myself up. At the end the next day I literally had to demand to be discharged as I was starving and thirsty. When it came to leaving the hospital I again begged for assistance with carrying baby and bags but was refused by security staff and widwifes and nurses and they wouldn’t allow my partner or my daughter through the door to help me instead they had to watch me struggle carrying everything myself backwards and forwards despite medical professionals telling you not to do any lifting after a c section all hospital staff stood and watched me struggle I was literally crying in pain and no one helped it was disgusting

Chloe’s Experience

Milton Keynes has lost a whole maternity ward and therefore has only one ward for pre and postnatal women and babies.I was in hospital for a week in November before discharging myself. This was mainly due to the traumatic labour and stressful recovery in an environment of clearly overstretched staff and facilities. My final decision to leave against doctors orders was due to 2 nighttime observations and medication administrations being missed, which resulted in a negative assessment to permit me to leave. Knowing my daughter had been given the all-clear to go home, I decided that I too would be able to recover better in my own environment and maintain monitoring my medication and obs with the help of my partner. The team at MKH did the best job they could consider the circumstances but I have no doubt the staff and their patients would deliver/receive better care if they had the means to do so without the interruption/changes COVID has caused.

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