Photo Shoot for Take a Break Magazine

Hayden rocking it for Mother & Baby Mag – and he’s still in the womb!

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Take A Break Magazine needed mums and dads for an article on humorous Pregnancy announcements

Job Title – Pregnancy Announcements
Type –  Magazine Interview
Location – Nation Wide
Production- 22nd latest
Fee – £200
Models – Mums and Dads

Two of our mums and dads are ‘cosplayers’. In order to announce their pregnancy, they dressed as Dr Who and his assistant and detected two heartbeats!

These magazine articles typically involve a 10-minute telephone interview and can pay anything from £150 to £850.

Quote from Dad

5 Star Review

We are cos players and this shoot was an absolute dream for us! Dressing up as Doctor Who characters was second nature to us. The agency managed to get Hayden a job while he was still in the womb which is amazing. Once he was born he had an ongoing part in a play called The Ferry Man at The Geilgud Theatre in the West End of London (Thanks to Jo Hawes, the casting director for chosing Hayden). It was really nice to see him treading the boards at such an early age and he throughly enjoyed the attention. I can’t thank the agency enough for what they have done for us.

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