Real mums are needed on a regular basis for paid projects!

As soon as Vicky walked onto the Tesco’s set, the aked her to model instead of her child!

Vicky took her toddler along to a casting for a photoshoot with Tesco – unfortunately, they didn’t want him, but, incredibly, they signed up Vicky on the spot.

Here she is advertising Tesco’s Sweet Potatoe Pie!!

Quote from Vicky

Went for a casting with my 7-year-old son Daniel for a Tescos job where they needed a mother & son and when we won the job (out of 22) Tescos decided they no longer needed the child in the shot and so I just had to go back for the shoot!!!

Was a very interesting day and everyone in the production team and client team were friendly and made me feel comfortable as had never done anything like that before. Looking forward to seeing the instore pictures of “my sweet potato pie” in September!

she was a little bemused by the situation but got paid ££££’s for her trouble:).

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