Zelly strips down and bares all as she shows off her glitter-covered stretchmarks

Industry requests for ‘Mums’ are very common, sometimes with their kids, and sometimes without, as in this feature for The Sun.

Not everybody is comfortable stripping off in front of the camera. This job involved a gorgeous makeover photoshoot in the heart of London.

All the ladies we paid a fee for their time, travel expenses to London, had a fabulous time being pampered in the studio and got to keep the pictures as fabulous moments.

What’s not like!

Read the full article in The Sun

Quote from Zelly

I’ve always hated my stretch marks and when I was in my late teens and early 20s, I would never wear a bikini or anything that would mean they were on show. I was very self-conscious of my body. I wasn’t particularly overweight and don’t really know what caused them. Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on lotions, potions, creams and oils. Those products can be really expensive, but nothing has worked. I had my daughter in 2017 and fortunately, the stretch marks didn’t really get any worse during pregnancy. They are just there, the same as they have ever been. I hate them so much but I’m trying to come to terms with them because they’re not going anywhere. Doing this photoshoot was a big step towards me embracing my body, including its little imperfections. Covering them in glitter was a really fun way of celebrating my body.

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