The Sun: Losing a Baby & Weight Problems

Industry requests for ‘Mums’ are very common, sometimes with their kids, and sometimes without, as in this feature for The Sun.

Well done to Steph, who was brave enough to come forward and highlight the problem of Graves disease

WHEN Stephanie Coleman lost a baby at 17 weeks, she was already heartbroken. But when the miscarriage caused her weight to swell by three stone, cruel trolls dubbed the 27-year-old, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, a WHALE.

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Quote from Steph

I pulled on my jeans and as I did up the button, it popped back open again.  I’d noticed the pounds had been creeping on for a while and had put it down to stress – I was studying hard at college, but I had also lost a baby at 17 weeks. Though I’d had a tough time, I had been eating a healthy diet like I always did. Weeks later, I stood on the scales and gasped. I had gained three stones. Weeks later, my clothes were baggy. I had lost the three stones I’d gained and some. I couldn’t get my head around it.

My weight continued to fluctuate as I kept yo-yoing between a size 12 and 18. I was often called fat or lazy at my heaviest, and when I suddenly lost weight, people accused me of taking drugs. When I was 21, I had a son, Hunter. I separated from his dad and being a single parent was tough. There were times when I couldn’t afford to eat anything but rice and vegetables, yet the pounds were piling back on again. One day, I got an Instagram notification on a photo I’d uploaded. A person had written: ‘Someone’s harpooned a whale.

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