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Job Application Form

Job Application Form

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    Allowed files - png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Not sending? Retry with smaller images or send the images separately to info@KidsTalent.Agency

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    Casting & auditions

    You are on this page because you have received a notification from us listing open call jobs, castings and auditions.

    You will find the job title in the email we sent you. all applications for jobs are reviewed by us for suitability and then forwarded to the client.Kids Talent, Model and Acting Agency

    Top Tip 1

    Please attach nice clear relevant pictures in colour. Our clients are not looking for b/w arty pictures, or pictures of you wearing sunglasses on the beach.

    Top Top 2

    Where it says notes in the form, please fill this out with information that our client has asked for. This could be info on family members or a description of your situation. Keep the information relative to the application.

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    When you fill out the form, it will be forwarded to the person in charge of the project. If they are interested in you and your family, you will receive a detailed application form to fill out and return – Good Luck!

    Please DO NOT contact us for updates on your application. We or our client will contact you if there is positive news.

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    If you have applied but are not yet registered with us, you are missing out on some fantastic job opportunities that could launch you and yours into the limelight.

    Please note that as a condition of filling out the form, successful applicants will be required to join the agency if they have not already done so.

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    Talent Profiles

    Once one of your children has been approved for registration, you will be able to create additional portfolios of the rest of your family on our website

    We also have frequent job requests for familiessiblings and twins. Once registered, you will be able to set up and update additional portfolios.