Iggle Piggle Toy: Kids 12/30 months

Title – Iggle Piggle Toy: Kids 12/30 months
Type – Social Media Campaign
Location – Home Filming on Mobile
Casting – from pics then self-tape
Production – Ongoing
Payment – TBA
Talent – Kids 12/30 months
Ethnicity – Any

Successful applicants will be sent an Iggle Piggle toy and asked to shoot a video on their mobile phone of their child playing with the toy. This will then be uploaded to Social Media as a testimonial

To apply, please send a video of your child playing with her favourite toy. The video should be no longer than 30 secs. Please include a sheet of A4 paper at the start of the video with the title of the project, your name, location, email, phone and agency (KidsTalent.Agency)

Please send your video via Wetransfer.com to r.field@goldenbeartoys.co.uk

In the Night Garden – Iggle Piggle

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