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Kids Talent Agency

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We have lots of wow factor talent which will make any media project go with a bang. 

Most of the profiles are password protected. Tell us your requirements and we will put together a jaw-dropping lightbox of children that suit your brief like a glove.

We specialise in children up to 10 years old or thereabouts. We have collaborated with some very well known brands, production companies and casting directors.

We have breathtaking portfolios of single kidssiblingstwins, and real families

Auditions and Casting for Children

We have had some fab jobs with the Agency, from online modeling, magazine articles and the latest appearing on ITV with Holly & Philip – Lysa Martin

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Talent Categories

Single Kids

We have a fabulous selection of young superstar talent from which to choose.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will put together a superb lightbox selection that will fit the brief exactly

Shown here is a small selection of our extremely talented kids. The vast majority are in a password-protected section of our websiteKids Talent Agency

Tell us what you are looking for and we will put together a superb lightbox selection that will fit the brief exactly


An awesome selection of talented identical twins.

Licensing laws for performing kids have strict limits on what they can do and may prove logistically difficult for the production schedule.

Using identical twins is a great solution – twice the production time!! We have a great selection of twins up and down the UK just waiting for your call.Talented Twins

Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


A selection of great looking, racially diverse families which will male your project sizzle!

Experienced and not so experienced, but all willing to give your project 150% effort.

Talented Families

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Great looking couples are a frequent request by production companies and journalists

Our siblings are eager to get get to work and make some lolly – so get in touch!

Sibling at the Kids Talent Agency

Awesome looking talent, ready and waiting for your call!


Real, gorgeous, drop-dead couples to make your project go with a bang.

Real parents putting themselves forwards for media work – real, honest, down to earth talent.

Couples at the Kids Talent Agency

Get in touch with the project details of the couple you need,


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