Commercial for SMA Baby Food

SMA Baby Food- Our babies absolutely smashed it!

Shown below is one of two videos for Nestle’s popular baby food brand, SMA.

Three of our little cuties were chosen as ‘hero’ babies, Lui, Oliver and Bethal.

Responsive, or baby-led, feeding means responding to your baby’s early feeding cues, the little signs they make to let you know they’re hungry, or full.

These videos show you the most common cues to look for when you’re feeding on demand, making it much easier for you to tell what your baby wants.

How often should a newborn feed? It’s a tricky question but, by understanding your baby’s cues, you’ll soon find the answer

SMA Responsive Feeding Video

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Quote 1 from Mum Patricia

5 Star Review

We had an amazing time shooting for the Nestlé commercial last week. Two days shooting, amazing team, great experience. Thanks to the Kids Talent Agencyfor getting us the job, great trustable agency. My baby Lui looks so beautiful in the pictures they took, can’t wait to see more….

Quote 2 from Mum Uche

5 Star Review

My daughter has just finished shooting a baby food TV Commerical today and it was fantastic and an amazing experience.

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