Starring Toddler Noah with his Mum

Noah setting the bar really high in this TVC

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Commercial

Here is a video commercial for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, featuring gorgeous little toddler Noah and his mum.

The competition for these types of jobs for children in this age category is intense. Parents need to be 100% committed to getting their children through the casting and audition process!!

Noah in a Thomas the Tank Engine Commercial

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Quote from Mum

This job was for a real mum and son! I am a real mum and Noah has been with the agency for almost five years. They are awesome, caring people. They have a great, sweet, beautiful community of children and parents inside and out. My son was accepted back in 2017. The agency explained everything to me. My son was accepted quickly and soon after signing up with them this project can through. I am looking forward to doing more work with this company. I’m excited and can’t wait. Thank you very much. Fingers crossed!

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