The Shah Twins – Tiny Happy People

Identical Twins Rehansh and Reyansh for the BBC

Tiny Happy People is a BBC documentary on child development.

The aim is to help you develop your child’s communication skills by exploring simple activities and play ideas to find out about a child’s amazing early development.

Language lets children express themselves and tell others how they feel.

When children start school they should be able to speak to their new friends in full sentences, ask teachers simple questions and understand what they’re told to do. When they have these skills they’ll feel more confident and they’ll be happier.

But children starting school all across the UK today are unable to do these things.

In England, 1 in 4 children starting primary school are behind with their level of literacy development (language, communication and literacy skills), rising to more than 1 in 3 (42%) in some areas (Department for Education, 2019). The picture is similar in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

Language and communication skills unlock literacy, and that’s why Tiny Happy People is concentrating on the building blocks of language development.

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BBC Tiny Happy People
BBC Tiny Happy People – Bathtime
BBC Tiny Happy People
BBC Tiny Happy People – Language Time
BBC Tiny Happy People – Singing with Granny

Quote from parent Aarohi 

5 Star Review

The twins had a lot of fun taking part in Tiny Happy People. The agency and production team were patient, caring and considerate at every step of the process. Many Thanks.

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