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Comp Cards

What is a comp card?

A comp card is a business card used by actors and models. They are also sometimes called Z cards.

They are an essential marketing tool that has been around for years and no aspiring model or actor should go to a casting without a few to hand out. Printed comp cards are excellent attending for casting, auditions and job bookings. Industry professionals that you meet on the day may express an interest in your child,  Handing over a professionally designed comp card is quick and easy and ensures that you and your child are not forgotten

FREE Comp Cards Comp Cards
  • A business card for actors, models and performers
  • Typically A5 (20x15cm) but A4 (30x20cm) becoming more common 
  • They show photos along with info for the casting director
  • Relatively cheap to get printed out
  • Great for handing out at castings and auditions

FREE  Digital Comp Cards

When you register with the agency, the system will design a digital comp for you – FREE OF CHARGE. You will be given the opportunity to upload 4 pictures of your choice and to input your own model details. The system will then create a digital model card for you.

Any high street printer or photography shop will print these out for you so you will always have hard copies to take to casting and audition. The cards can also be downloaded and kept on your computer. You can email them out with job applications. Casting agents can also download these cards directly from our system.

Keep your Comp Cards up to date

Using our website, your comp cards will never be out of date. It only takes seconds to delete and upload fresh pictures. There is a fantastic cropping tool which will help you design the perfect card.

Digital Comp Cards for Job Applications

The agency will access your portfolio pictures and your comp card constantly when putting you through for media projects.

Media projects often have very specific requirements. The production team may ask, for example, for families with dogs, kids on bikes, or babies that can swim. Simply log into your account with us, and update your portfolios and comp card, making them specific to your job application.

It is a winning strategy which will give you the best possible chance of beating the competition and securing a place at casting or audition.

Choosing Pics for a Comp Card

Picture choice is of paramount importance. Casting directors expect to see professional pictures of kids who are 4 years or older. 

For kids under the age of 4 years, professional pics are not absolutely necessary. Having said this, a casting directors choice will easily be swayed by a well taken, clean professional shot fo your child.

Photos – The Do’s
  • Your child making eye contact with the camera
  • In focus and well-exposed pictures
  • Clean background with no distractions
  • Full length, half-length and closeup of the face
  • Colour Photos please
Photos – The Dont’s
  • No looking away from the camera
  • No distracting backgrounds
  • NO superfluous unnecessary extra people
  • No sunglasses
  • No hats
  • NO cake smash pics
  • No snot or dribble etc
  • Definitely no Photoshopping or filters
  • No bathtime shots

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