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Hidden Costs

Kids Talent Agency

Hidden Costs

Many parents email the agency with concerns about hidden costs

Before joining any agency the following costs need to be considered

  • Website Registration Fees
  • Cost for Professional Photography
  • Spotlight Fees

Hidden Costs - Kids Talent Agency - Modelling and Acting

Registration Fees – £55/year

Parents are advised that, despite badly informed chatter, most of the reputable child talent agencies charge a fee to be on their website. This charge is for database and website inclusion in line with BIS regulations. 

We charge a yearly website registration fee of £55.00. In practice, if mums and dads are committed to finding their children work and want to stay on with us, year after year, we don’t charge them repeat yearly fees – they just pay for the first year.

Once parents have set up one profile, they can set up other multiple profiles/portfolios FREE OF CHARGE (subject to approval) This is useful if you have another child, twins, siblings or want to work together as a family unit.

Special Offer No 1 – ZERO Registration Fee

No registration fee for those parents with children over 4 years (subject to approval), if you

  • Commit to joining Spotlight
  • Commit to providing a set of professional standard pics
  • Commit to keeping your profiles updated

Special Offer No 2 – ZERO Registration Fee

Sign up, completely free of charge if you belong to one of the following groups (subject to approval)

  • Entire families who want to act/model
  • 3 generation families who want to act/model
  • Identical twins
  • Additional siblings
  • Romantic couples who act/model
  • Disabled kids

Professional Pictures £50 to £150

There is no requirement by the agency to use our recommended photographers. However, if you do:

  • You will receive 2 FREE professional pics for your profile
  • No obligation to buy any more
  • Additional pro pics can be cheaply bought
  • Typical spend at the studio  is £50 to £150
  • You will receive an honest appraisal of your child’s suitability

Casting directors and production companies expect to see professional standard pics of children over the age of 4 years.

Spotlight Fees – £106 per year

Anyone over the age of 4 years who is serious about acting needs to be registered with Spotlight.

It is the go-to destination for casting directors and production companies who are seeking talent for their projects. Spotlight membership will enormously increase the casting and audition opportunities available to your child. Your child must be a least 4 years old to join. Membership costs a little over £100/year and is highly recommended.


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