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Kind Reviews

    Being a part of the McDonalds commercial is a lovely experience. We are having a good time. The production team is very friendly and helpful. We are well taken care... read more

    Sumit Ahuja Avatar Sumit Ahuja

    Thank you for all your support with the upcoming Mother & Baby Article. I received great communication throughout and was always updated. Myself and Zavier are excited about the article. Were... read more

    Melissa Bailey Avatar Melissa Bailey

    i recommend my son 1 year old 9months.pls hired its cute.thnk u and god bless

    Majencia Angala Quioc Avatar Majencia Angala Quioc

    Great communication. Very helpful. highly recommend.

    Stella YenYen Avatar Stella YenYen

    We had done a shoot for clothing brand for their website. Really enjoyed the shoot and so pleased with pictures. Lovely easy communication throughout

    Polina Karbanova Avatar Polina Karbanova

    Lovely experience and very easy process once my little boy was booked for the shoot.

    Asha Ennis Avatar Asha Ennis

    Had a fantastic afternoon shooting for Joules this agency is great! Answered any questions I had and the whole process was very easy to follow! Would recommend!!

    Nikita Harvey Avatar Nikita Harvey

    Isabella had a lovely day shooting today. Thank you model agency4baby.

    Tânia Mascarenhas Avatar Tânia Mascarenhas

    Had a fab job from the agency modelling for a new, very cool clothing brand. Everyone on the shoot was lovely and we really enjoyed it.

    Nicola Persell Avatar Nicola Persell

    Had a fab day shooting with Joules today, highly recommend this agency!

    Samantha Starkey Avatar Samantha Starkey

    The Modelagency4baby, email a wide range of jobs, that cover every ethnicity. you get to meet other friendly parents and the experience is great. Its great confidence building for the... read more

    Lysa Martin Avatar Lysa Martin

    We had a amazing time shooting for SMA Nestlé commercial last week. 2 days shooting, amazing team, great experience. Thanks to the London baby modeling agency for getting us... read more

    Patricia Souza Avatar Patricia Souza

    Love love love... Have great jobs

    Som Estridge Avatar Som Estridge

    I had an amazing experience working with the team. They were very friendly and actually made me feel very comfortable in talking with them rather than it being very formal.... read more

    Kadeejah Clarke Avatar Kadeejah Clarke

    my children have had some great experiences with the Agency, from online Modeling, magazine articles and the latest appering on This Morning with Holly &Philip. Thank you to London Modeling... read more

    Lysa Martin Avatar Lysa Martin

    My gorgeous daughter Florence was selected to be apart of the Bepanthen commercial, and we have just found out she is going to be the featured baby. To say we... read more

    Lisa Smith Avatar Lisa Smith

    My wife and 3 month old son had a brilliant experience working on a shoot for a pharmaceutical brand yesterday. Communication leading up to the day was great, and everyone... read more

    Luke Willbourn Avatar Luke Willbourn

    We applied for one of the ads and been selected to be part of a west end theatre show. Take part approx twice a week. Have not rated 5* yet... read more

    Stella YenYen Avatar Stella YenYen

    Molly and I featured in the daily mail for mum's fighting back against the tyranny of having your pre pregnancy body back. What a great day at the shoot and... read more

    Krystel Perez Dale Avatar Krystel Perez Dale

    Isla took part in the Alzheimer's research advert! The agency sorted everything out for us to then hand us over to the advertising team! Everything was perfect and such a... read more

    Danielle Wall Avatar Danielle Wall

    I’ve not signed up with these guys but my son has been cast through them. They are super responsive and I’ve been really happy with my interaction with them.... read more

    Kelly Cox Avatar Kelly Cox

    Gerina Boja my 1 years daughter and me have been selected for a interview at Daily Mail UK 🙂 very interested and very successful London Agency 4baby model is... read more

    Borina Voko Avatar Borina Voko

    Absolutely great experience with this agency! So many jobs to choose from already been accepted for 2. Very quick responses and very helpful 💜

    Charlotte Brand Avatar Charlotte Brand

    We had a great time filming for james villas thanks to the contact through modelagency4baby

    Tara Joanne Hopwood Avatar Tara Joanne Hopwood

    My 6 and 1/2 month son and I had a great time filming yesterday with Colief. It was very well managed and the team made sure it was a comfortable... read more

    Charlene Kendry Avatar Charlene Kendry

    This is a very interesting page for parents wanted to make good future for their kids! Great job Model Agency 4BABY

    Gerard Alibocas Avatar Gerard Alibocas

    Just wonderful...........

    Roxanne Du Preez Avatar Roxanne Du Preez

    My twins did a photoshoot on sunday just gone for a childrens clothing firm. The communication was great from the agency and responded very swiftly to any email i sent... read more

    Laura Corbett Avatar Laura Corbett

    We had a lovely experience working with these guys. Our baby modelled for a company which makes personalised children's clothes and gifts.

    Charli Glass Avatar Charli Glass

    Very happy with The London Baby Modelling Agency !! From Cassius' test shoot to his first casting, the team have always been helpful in offering support and answering queries efficiently.

    Nicole Hines Avatar Nicole Hines

    Molly was chosen to be in the West End production The Ferryman starting this month. Audition/meet went really well and so happy with how everything was handled. We are exited... read more

    Krystel Perez Dale Avatar Krystel Perez Dale

    My daughter just finish one job today and it was fantastic and an amazing experience. All thanks to London baby model. You can't go wrong with them as first... read more

    Favour Uche Martins Avatar Favour Uche Martins

    fantastic day shooting with Joules yesterday, highly recommend this agency xx

    Samantha Starkey Avatar Samantha Starkey

    Isabella has been signed to the model agency 4 baby for a couple of months before getting her first job through them for an air purifier recommended best one of... read more

    Deana Hendry Avatar Deana Hendry

    I signed up for my daughter Daisy with the agency about 3 weeks ago and we were contacted for casting today. It was a great experience for both of us... read more

    Orm Stallick Avatar Orm Stallick

    Hi... my friend recommend it and i regester to my little daughter... and i filled up farms lots of time but still waiting for jobs for my daughters.... i hope... read more

    Rabia Ijaz Avatar Rabia Ijaz

    After making a paypal payment and being accepted for an interview, we sadly had to cancel. The agency refunded our payment in full with no hassle. A very honest company 🙂

    Angie Emmerich Avatar Angie Emmerich

    I signed my son Jaxon up to the agency and within 3 weeks I was contacted to attend a casting for him to appear in The West End show The... read more

    Sarah Barrett Avatar Sarah Barrett

    We applied for a job as a family and were really impressed how thorough and quick the process in getting the job was. Professional and enjoyable to work with. We... read more

    Reuben Horsfield Avatar Reuben Horsfield

    Please don't miss out giving your child 👶 a great opportunity for life!

    Gerard Alibocas Avatar Gerard Alibocas

    I've done a couple of shoots the last 2 months with the daily mail ... I'm on the front page today aswell regarding my hair being restyle and my... read more

    Lesley Chester Avatar Lesley Chester

    Lovely team, professional & very organised!

    Dina Balaj Avatar Dina Balaj

    My daughter Ruby had her first casting on Monday and she loved it. It was very relaxed and she got to play with other children.

    Maria Soteri Avatar Maria Soteri

    We had a fantastic day with the Daily Mail, can't wait for the article. Thank you for putting us forward, fingers crossed this leads us on to other jobs. #thelondonbabymodelingagency... read more

    Rebecca Mimms Avatar Rebecca Mimms

    My baby son Oscar had a really fun experience. He was fascinated by everything. He was modelling for baby clothes. They were really professional and nice as well. The shooting... read more

    Shirley Wen Avatar Shirley Wen

    Our baby boy Jaxon was out on a film shoot just a week or so after signing up. Great communication from the agency throughout the process and looking forward to... read more

    Vicky Shields Avatar Vicky Shields

    The agency was great. They were very helpful and organised. Andy took part in the commercial for a new shampoo from Johnson and Johnson. The producers organised all the travel... read more

    Olga Sologub Avatar Olga Sologub

    My 6 and 1/2 month son and I had a great time filming yesterday with Colief. It was very well managed and the team made sure it was a comfortable... read more

    Charlene Kendry Avatar Charlene Kendry

    My baby Oliver has done a photo shoot within the first month of joining the agency and has been short listed for a high profile advert! Fingers crossed he gets... read more

    Naomi Ledgister Avatar Naomi Ledgister

    My daughter Esme was selected for a shoot in Harrogate recently. All people involved in the shoot were so lovely and made the environment comfortable for Esme. It was a... read more

    Chloe Gordon Avatar Chloe Gordon

    I signed Albert up at the beginning of June he is now in a West End production! Couldn’t recommend this agency any more!

    Autumn Williams Avatar Autumn Williams

    Awesome photoshoot!!! The make up artist and the photographer made us feel like celebrities. Fantastic!!!

    Drica Santini Avatar Drica Santini

    My son McKenzie had a casting, great fun, the production team made him feel relaxed , and he was great.. McKenzie got to meet other babies, so he was very happy

    Michelle Thompson Avatar Michelle Thompson

    My gorgeous daughter Florence was selected to be apart of the Bepanthen commercial, and we have just found out she is going to be the featured baby. To say we... read more

    Lisa Smith Avatar Lisa Smith

    First audition with the agency and we got it. Being in The Ferryman is so much fun and we are really enjoying it. The agency are very helpful and always... read more

    Nicola Persell Avatar Nicola Persell

    My 8 week old son did a photo shoot for an advert within only a few weeks of signing up with the agency. It went really well, lovely experience and... read more

    Emily Hurse-Neligan Avatar Emily Hurse-Neligan

    We received a telephone call from TV Voltage for BBC2 not even a month after signing up to the agency. The team is very friendly, helpful and great communicator. Thanks... read more

    Olivia Quest Avatar Olivia Quest

    Recently wrote a piece on being a pregnant bride for the mother and baby magazine , first time doing anything like this absolutely loved it. Such a friendly professional... read more

    Chloe Morgan Sandhu Avatar Chloe Morgan Sandhu

    I've been to a photoshoot yesterday with my baby girl. We had a really good time and everybody were so nice to us. It's the second time that the agency... read more

    Andressa Rodrigues Avatar Andressa Rodrigues

    shall babies located in London ? ..................

    Nada Alomar Avatar Nada Alomar

    What can I say!! Nothing but positive things about this agency! I applied for a job for my two year old daughter and was pleasantly surprised she got the job... read more

    Jessica Cameron El Lamaa Avatar Jessica Cameron El Lamaa

    My wife and 3 month old son had a brilliant experience working on a shoot for a pharmaceutical brand yesterday. Communication from the agency leading up to the day was... read more

    Luke Willbourn Avatar Luke Willbourn

    Poppie had her first casting for the play 'Consent' almost immediately after joining the agency and she loved it. We are looking forward to starting soon! The agency have put... read more

    Marie Clare Allen Avatar Marie Clare Allen

    London baby modeling is a lovely modelling agency for babies. My wife and my son immensely enjoyed working with them.

    Saeed Anjum Hussain Avatar Saeed Anjum Hussain