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Photo Guide Lines

Kids Talent Agency

Photo Guide Lines

Application and Portfolio Pics

Application and portfolio pictures must be clear, in focus and of good quality.

Photo Guide Lines - Casting and Auditions

Application pictures can be taken with your mobile phone.  Black and white photos can look very arty and sophisticated but are no longer considered suitable for the industry – COLOUR ONLY PLEASE

Initially, your pictures are the only thing that a casting director has to judge you by – they are your shop window to the world. They must be the best they can be in order for your child to have a chance of success

Professional Pictures

Please note that there is no requirement by the agency to have pictures taken by our recommended photographers. It is not a condition of joining.

However, If you can make it into London, our photographers will give you  TWO FREE PROFESSIONAL PICS to kick start your portfolio! Additional pics are available to buy direct from the photographers – they are cheaply available – between £50-£150 depending on what is required.

Having pictures taken in a professional studio gives a casting director the confidence that your child can produce an excellent set of pictures in a busy, noisy studio full of strange people and constantly flashing lights. As a consequence, they are more likely to get booked.

Mums often say that they can take better pics of their child than a professional photographer. This is precisely why a studio shoot is needed.

 Having studio pictures done is a lot different from having mobile pics taken at home by mum and dad.

Photo Guide Lines

The Do’s
  • In colour
  • Well exposed, in focus and clear
  • Making eye contact with the camera
  • Taken at child’s eye level
  • Plain background, white if possible
  • Clothes with plain bold colours work well
The Do Not’s
  • No distracting backgrounds
  • Hands away from the face
  • No fingers in mouths
  • No hair covering faces
  • No makeup or face paint
  • No sunglasses or dummies
  • No hats or hair bands
  • No cake smash pictures
  • No food on faces
  • No pictures in the bath
  • No swimming costume or naked pictures
  • No other people unless asked for
  • No Black and White Photos
  • No photoshopping of filters
  • No snot or dribble – not a good look
  • No clothes with intricate patterns

Once registered with us, kids coming up to the age of 4 and over will need professional pictures. You can have these done anywhere if you cannot make it down to our London studios.

Updating Your Profile Pages

Once you are registered with us, you will be able to create and update your own portfolios.

We have made the process very easy. To update your pics, model card and size & weight information simply log in whenever you want to and make the necessary changes. You can create different types of portfolios to suit a particular job requirement.

You can create a family portfolio or a sibling portfolio, or a couple’s portfolio – it’s up to you!


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