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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

FAQs - Kids model and acting agency

  • The agency is based in London
  • We find work for kids UK wide
  • Children need to be UK based
  • The tiered commission rate is 15% to 25%
  • We currently accept kids up to 18 years old
  • Kids over the age of 4 years should have pro pics
  • Joining Spotlight will increase your child’s opportunities
  • We are not a sole agency – you can join other agencies
  • The agency offers no guarantees of finding work


+How does the agency find work?

Jobs requests are sourced from established clients such as casting directors, journalists, production companies and photographers.

New clients come our way through the internet or by recommendation. Acting and modelling projects are also sourced through Spotlight, the UK home of casting.

Auditions and Casting - Kids Talent and Model Agency

We are also members of talent directories who notify us on a daily basis of new projects in the UK and around the globe. For straightforward requests, suitable children are automatically put forward by the agency.

Many requests have strict requirements for which we normally send out notifications by email (on a daily basis) asking parents if they would like to participate.

Click on the link below to see some of the wow factor jobs that we have found for children and families.


+How do we apply?

We ask parents to fill out a simple, no-obligation application form (link below).

We generally reply within 48 hours.

If your application is successful we will ask you to formally register with the agency.


+What happens after I register?

You will be invited to create a Tagmin account with us:)

We use the Tagmin database system for the day-to-day running of the agency and submitting kids for work so it is important to make sure that all your info is complete and kept up to date

Talent Selection - Kids Talent Agency
We also have many jobs for families involving mums and dads, so you can create a family portfolio if this is something that interests you.

Once we have all the necessary info on our admin system you will automatically put forward suitable jobs. We also send out job notification emails if the requirements for the job require additional info.

To see the kind of portfolios/profiles that can be set up please click on the link below


+How much commission do you charge?

The agency earns a commission on securing you work. We deduct between 15% and 25% from earnings depending on the type of work

As a basic guide, the commission on theatre work is 15%, the commission on  Film/TV is 20% and the commission on photographic work is 25%

As a general rule of thumb, we don’t charge any commission on one-off jobs (depending on the job) when the fee is less than £150 – 0% COMMISSION!

Our commission rates compare favourably to many other child talent agencies. For a full explanation click below.


+Hidden Costs?

In line with current legislation, we do not charge representation fees to find work for you.

There is a small fee charged either monthly or yearly. This fee is charged is for the design, upload and database maintenance of your profile pages on our admin system for one year.

Parents of over 4’s who are serious about their child’s career should consider joining Spotlight 


+What about Password Protection?

When you register with us, you choose a password and username. this enables you to access and update all the information we held on the database about your child.

The only other people who have access to your profile data are casting directors, production companies and other approved industry professionals.

Save-guarding your sensitive information is of the utmost importance to us. Your information is held on secure encrypted servers. For complete peace of mind, two-step verification can also be set up.

+Are professional pics needed?

When you make your initial application to join our agency, snapshots are fine – that’s all we need to see.

Please be assured that the is no obligation to use our recommended photographers whatsoever.

There is a lot of advice on the web which says ‘No, professional pictures are not required. For kids aged  4 years and over, professional pictures are the norm in the industry. For under 4 years, they are not strictly necessary.

However, time and again, we find it is children with professional pics who get shortlisted for work a lot more often than those without. Professional pics show how a child reacts in a professional studio, with strange people and strange flashing lights – pictures taken by parents on their mobile phones cannot do this.

Professional Pics for Kids Auditions and Castings

Simply put, professional photos sell products and services.

You need to give your child the best possible chance of getting booked.


+What is a comp card?

Comp cards are also known as ‘Z’ or ‘Zed’ cards. A free online digital comp card is included on your portfolio pages.

You can update the pictures and info on your card at any point.

FREE Comp CardsOur cards are  A4/A5 in size and show 3/4/5 portrait format pics of the model/actor. They also contain the contact details of the agency that represents the child

You will find that printed comp cards are very useful when you attend auditions and bookings where they can be handed out to industry professionals that may be interested in hiring your child for future assignments.

You can download these and print copies at home or ask us to print them for you


+Do you accept everyone?

We receive an average of 100+ child applications a week depending on the time of year, from a catchment area which includes the south-east and goes up as far a Manchester. Liverpool and the North East.

Applications from all ethnic backgrounds are welcome. Whenever possible, children are carefully assessed for suitability, temperament and extrovert personalities in a studio environment.

Parents sometimes remark that there are a lot of children on the agencies books and so the is a lot of internal competition. Casting directors may request a child of a certain age, ethnicity and gender, living within an hour of a certain city.

Once these search parameters are put into our system, the choice drops from hundreds of kids to just a few – often 5 or less.

+Are jobs guaranteed?

As an agency, we cannot guarantee your baby or child will find work.

During the application process, we pick babies and kids that we think are going to do well.

At the end of the day, it is the client’s choice as to which baby or child they think is suitable.

All we can do, and do very well, is maximise your child’s chance of being picked by having a completely professional approach to your child’s representation

+How much can my child earn?

Assignments can pay anything from £60/hour to literally thousands of pounds for high profile TV advertising campaigns involving a buyout fee when a child is a ‘Hero Talent’.

When we email you confirmation of a job it will inform you of the fee negotiated with the client for babies services.

Casting and Auditions - Johnson& Johnson


+What types of people are you looking for?

We are a specialist agency representing children from newborns up to 18 years of age.

We also offer representation for specialist groups including pregnant ladies, romantic couples, families who model and act together, identical twins, additional siblings, and kids with a visible physical disability. On approval, We will waive the registration fee, making it completely FREE TO JOIN THE AGENCY!

Being a specialist agency is one of the reasons for our success.

+Does my child need a Performance License?

As a simple guide, all children from 0 to 16 years need a licence to take part in any type of media project, paid or unpaid.

Licenses are normally issued by the local council for each individual job. It is the responsibility of the production company (who may ask the agency to assist) to ensure that licenses are in place.

It is never  the responsibility of parents to apply for these licenses


+Am I allowed to join other agencies?

We are not a sole agency.

When you sign up with us, we do not demand exclusivity. You are free to sign up with other agencies.

+How do I join?

The first step is to fill out the application form!

Take the next step and join us TODAY!



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