Baby Abdi – Oilatum Photo Shoot

Abdi takes Oilatum by storm!

Two of our gorgeous little munchkins were chosen for a well paid Oilatum photo shoot in Kings Cross London.

Hundreds of babies applied for the audition from many different agencies. 12 babies from Kids Talent Agency were shortlisted with 2 being selected for the photo shoot.

Larger companies book a ‘hero’ baby to do the shoot but, in case of a disaster on the day, production companies will normally book ‘back up’ babies. Hero Talent is usually very well paid, often  with a lucrative buyout fee and the ‘back up’ talent gets a BSF – Basic Studio Fee

Needless to say, the competition to be featured in this Oilatum photoshoot for this was extreme. Abdi did very well to get through the casting and audition phase and eventually land the job.

Quote from the Mum Leah

5 Star Review

We had great fun on the Oilatum shoot. They made us feel really comfortable and the babies were having a great time! Our first shoot and I was blown away by how natural it all came to our very small baby. He loved the camera and the crew! Thanks, Kids Talent Agency for the amazing opportunity.

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About Oilatum

Oilatum offers specialist skincare which is designed for the treatment of dry skin conditions including eczema and is suitable for children and adults