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Performance License

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Performance License


Who needs a performance license?

As a simple guide, all children from 0 to16 years need a licence to take part in any type of media project, paid or unpaid. Licenses are normally issued by the local council for each individual job.

IMPORTANT: Parents cannot apply directly to the council themselves for a child performance license

The production company have a legal obligation to ensure that a license is issued for the performance. They can apply for the license themselves or appoint someone to do it for them. Our clients frequently appoint us, the agency to apply for licenses on their behalf.

What hours can a child work?

There are strict guidelines on the number of hours and days a child may perform which vary according to their age and the nature of the work proposed. Below is a table which should help you.

Performance License for Children

Who issues the license?

Performance licenses are issued by the council in the region where the child lives. It is either the production company or the Talent Agency that makes the license application – NEVER THE PARENTS!

What does it involve?

The production company will fill out Part 1 of the application form. Parents will be asked to fill out Part 2 of the license application form

The completed parts of the application form are then submitted back to the council. They normally need supporting paperwork from parents  such as

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Passport type photo – mobile pic is fine
  • Headmaster’s authority to be absent from school

If you haven’t been through the process before it can seem to be a fairly daunting and bureaucratic & process. It isn’t as hard as it looks and licenses are usually issued on time providing all the paperwork is submitted correctly and ASAP.


A child cannot take part in a performance without a license.

To ensure that the application goes smoothly you must get the requested paperwork back to us as quickly as possible.

How long does it take?

Typically, the process takes around 7 to 10 days. However, this does vary enormously depending on the council involved.

Some councils will often issue a license (providing all the correct paperwork is in place) within 48 hours. Other councils quote 21 days.

It can be a bit of a lottery and can be quite a stressful roller coaster if there is a  tight production schedule to meet.


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