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Showreels for Kids

Jack’s Showreel

What are Showreels?

At their very best, showreels are  a collection of video clips and photos from professional jobs which your child has completed.

It’s a great way to showcase your child’s abilities and talents to a casting director. However, a lot of children are just starting off in the industry and do not have many professional jobs under their belt. This makes it difficult to put a showreel together.

There is also an option to ask our studios to shoot some professional video for you – as in the examples on this page.

Adam’s Showreel

No Professional Experience?

Adding a good quality video clip to your portfolio pages is definitely a good idea – even if you have no professional experience.

A good quality video clip will instantly give a casting director a feel for who you are. You can shoot it yourself on your mobile phone (see below).  Editing video is now very simple and very good results can be achieved by parents.

Once you are registered, the process of uploading your videos to your profile pages is a very easy process.