ITV – Featuring Lisa Martin and her son

ITV Journalistic piece on Video Game Addition

Lisa Martin and her son on ITV’s This Morning in a feature about Video Game Addiction!

Lisa and her son Mario were also interviewed by a well-known newspaper about gaming addiction

A mother whose children can spend up to 50 hours a week playing video games has said that her kids have temper tantrums when she switches off their consoles. 

Lisa Martin, 42, from North London appeared on ITV’s This Morning today with her 16-year-old son Romario where she told that her two sons ‘scream and slam doors’ if they’re told they can’t play games and says she’s often shocked at the ‘anger’ the games can bring out. 

The mother admitted that while she would rather her children spent less time playing games, it’s ‘bittersweet’ because she would rather her children were ‘safe’ at home than in the ‘outside world’.

ITV This Morning – Video Game Addition

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