Corporate Video Production at The Kids Talent Agency!

Rock star, Aayan strutting his stuff during a fabulous vieo shoot!

Congratulations to Mum Rina and her x-factor son Aayan for successfully auditioning for this online corporate video, which advises parents to be more like their kids and not ‘groan up’!

Apart from Aayan, who is signed with this agency, there is a selection of other wonderful little actors featured in this video – well worth watching!

Take a look at this eye catching video!!

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Quote from mum, Rina

My son did a shoot today called ‘Ten pin bowling’. It is for an online video asking children what the best and worst thing about being an adult. The video will promote parents not to be grown-up but go out and have fun. My son loved the shoot and had lots of fun with the other kids. I recommend this agency as it is professional and this is the second job we have had with them so far

Who are TenPin?

Here at Tenpin, we like to remind ourselves that having fun doesn’t end with age.  Remember the time when our imaginations transported us to a world where rockets were made from water bottles and castles were made of cushions? 

Every once in a while, we all need to take a step back and put some perspective on life.  Without perspective, it’s easy to let life’s challenges build up until we find ourselves moaning and groaning to anyone that will listen.  It’s ok, we’ve all been there.

If nothing snaps us out of our daily grind, we can sink deeper and deeper into the daily moans and groans of a groan up!

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