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Kids Talent Agency


The Quick Answer

Generally speaking, a child will get paid a BSF – Basic Studio Fee and sometimes a buyout.

When asked, how much, we quote £60/hour, a minimum of 2 hours with travel, accommodation and chaperone fees (typically £150-£300). Buyout fees for commercials can push earnings by many thousands of pounds.

The reality is that we are always guided by our client’s budgets.

Earnings - Modeling and Talent Agency for KidsOn top of the BSF, a buyout fee is sometimes added – typically for TV commercials.  This Buyout Fee depends on such factors as the region in which the advert is shown, the time period in which the advert runs and the type of media it is used in.

Buyout Fees typically range from £1,500 to £20K+. Recent examples through this agency include a UK Buyout for a nappy ointment – £9000+, and a USA/Canadian Buyout for Johnson’s Shampoo of £25,000+ – so the rewards are there

Earning - Baby Model agency

The Quick Answer – Acting Work

Fees are often dictated by acting unions such as equity. Fees for film and theatre work tend to be on the low side but can be enormously rewarding in terms of experience gained.

More Details

Model fees are charged by the day or by the hour. Different Model Rates apply in respect of each of modelling for the purposes of still photography (Photographic Modeling) and modelling for the purposes of television commercials and video (Telegraphic Modeling).

Photographic Rates

Earnings - Photographic Rates

TV & Commercial Rates

Earnings - Commercial Rates


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